We  are able to locate underground pipelines accurately across the ground using Radiodetection locating equipment.

Dependent upon pipe material, pipe depth and presumed ground conditions, we are able to employ various methods to achieve a successful location survey. For pipes of metallic construction, we use a Cable Avoiding Tool and Genny where the Genny is used to induce a signal into the pipe material itself, which can then be detected by the CAT.

For non metallic pipes such as clayware, concrete and plastic, a Radio Sonde is passed through the pipe to be located using various methods. Often, the sonde will be attached to one of our crawler mounted CCTV camera systems, however, it can also be propelled through the pipeline using rods or pulled through using a tow line.

It is the perfect complimentary tool on a CCTV survey where buried manholes are encountered, allowing the survey team to immediately and accurately locate the position of the buried manhole. They can then attempt to expose the buried manhole cover (if in open ground and not highway) and continue the survey from the newly located access point.


Our team is able to provide on site position points in the form of spray markers on firm surfaces or marker pegs on loose ground allowing our client to carry out further works immediately.