LICHFIELD DRAIN SOLUTIONS  is often called upon to provide this very specialised inspection service, particularly by our Framework clients,. Because of the difficult nature of these inspections along with the level of environmental sensitivity and awareness necessary, 

​Where poor service conditions are encountered, e.g. heavy siltation/debris present in the culvert,  teams experienced in culvert cleaning who utilise various methods to bring the culvert back to satisfactory service condition. These include an off road high-pressure water jetting/vacuum unit. 

Structural and service condition inspections of culverts and tunnels
Inspection using either CCTV or Man Entry methods or a combination of both.
Difficult and remote access a speciality
Off road inspection and cleaning units purpose built for this type of inspection
Dedicated department, teams & equipment for this very specialist type of inspection


Reports are generated, on site to international sewer defect coding standards, using the industry leading Wincan data capture software with video recorded to DVD or hard disk in MPEG 1, MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 formats.

 Culvert  inspection