CCTV DRAIN SURVEYS, are carried using a specialist program called Wincam with produces a detailed report of the condition of the drain and highlighting any defects and there position.

If you already have a drainage problem or are just keen to avoid a problem later ’  our CCTV drain or sewer survey is a quick and accurate way to get an instant, detailed look at the condition of your drains.

These drain inspection cameras relay images to a mobile van unit, so that a technician can view,asess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer. And, there’s absolutely no disruption to your property or the environment.

Our  cameras will identify structural issues, part or complete collapses, root ingress, pipe scale, incorrect installation, blockages, displaced pipe joints, shared usage and much more, including the cause of leaks and  foul smells.

Rats in drains

Ever since the introduction of drain systems rats have used them as comfortable and habitable breeding grounds. They are often located some distance underground which makes it virtually impossible for any natural predator, such as, the domestic cat to catch them. When infestations of rats occurs it becomes highly unpleasant for anyone affected and extremely difficult to deal with Our CCTV surveys are also an efficient way of checking for rodents in your property. Remember that rats commonly gain access through the drainage system, as they can swim long distances in open sewer water. And they need only the smallest flaw in a pipe join to start gnawing their way in; if there is already some damage to the drain, it is even easier for them.

All our systems have a sonde location device, which enables us to locate the position and depth of faults the drainage minimising the remeadial work required. 

Also provide a high quality  DVD showing the drains inspected to accompany the report