Large Diameter Pipe Runs

For commercial and larger diameter drains we utilise our crawler cameras. These cameras will survey from 150mm - 1900mm diameter pipes, culverts and runs of up to 200m in length.

The Cameras use of their high intensity lighting, we can ensure excellent picture quality with great detail and definition; allowing us to identify any faults that are present in the pipe.

Our highly trained and experienced survey qualifed  technicians also CSCS certified,and using the most up to date equipment we guarantee a first rate drainage survey and report for you and your company. Reports emailed over quickly along with a full colour DVD of the camera footage. (wincan)  All work is carried out to Water Authority standards.

  • 100mm - 1900mm pipes surveyed up to 200m in length
  • Colour DVD and Wincan report included
  • Highly trained technicians
  • All work carried out to water authority standards
  • Drain Tracing
  • Drain investigation
  • Site investitagation
  • High pressure Jetting
  • ​Pin point pipes to 15m underground